About Globus

The existence of independent and flexible funding possibilities becomes even more vital in turbulent times. When the world is in turmoil, we need the perspective of art and culture on where we are going. With Globus, the Nordic Culture Fund therefore wants to give artists and cultural actors the opportunity to engage in transnational and long-term collaborations and networks that seeks new connections between the Nordic and other regions in the world.

Globus Projects

The following projects attended the knowledge sharing activities during 2023. Their contributions have played a pivotal role in shaping and amplifying the narrative of transnational cultural practices presented on this platform.

Amplifying Heritage

Mauritius, Finland and Nepal
Matti Hakamäki

Through Finnish-Nepali-Mauritius partnership, the project contributes to local and global understandings of traditional music practices, their contemporary artistic possibilities, and their contribution to non-formal and formal music education practices locally and globally from the perspective of cultural and social sustainability.

Exploring Global Digital Infrastructures

UK, Latvia and Finland (A)
Kadja Manninen

A performance-led research project setting out to investigate new digital business models and markets for contemporary performance.

Now Soon Over

Hongkong, Nigeria, Brasil, UK, Germany (A) and Sweden
Fabian Schöneich + 1 collague later

‘Now Soon Over’ aims to unite young and newly established cultural institutions in a network to foster exchange of knowledge and experience.

An Urgent Situation del 2

Norway (A) Malaysia, Indonesia and Zambia
Charlotte Teyler & Nicholas Jones

The project “Urgent Situation” promotes horizontal exchange of knowledge, ideas and methods between the creative field and the sustainable tourism industry.


Egypt, Jordan, Singapore, China, Turkey and Denmark (A)
Mandus Ridefelt & Assem Hendawi

Simiyya is a platform for research and cultural production, focusing on the way cultural-geographical contexts impact how technology shapes politics and aesthetics, as well as how to form a future based on new economic and psychic models.

Interdependent Intersections

UK (A), Serbia, Hungary, Sweden and Denmark
Amble Skuse

The project sets a new vision of how disability works through technology to create a new normative.

Unfolding the Universe

Norway (A), Taiwan, Latvia, Indonesia, Thailand, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Zambia, Colombia, USA, UK, Denmark
Ida Uvaas, Matilde Balatti and Mechu Rapela in the kick-off, later two of them

The project ‘Unfolding the Universe’ investigates the role of art biennials in reviving and expanding existing networks through an extensively collaborative program.


South Africa (A), UK, USA, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland
Erwin Maas & Nike Jonah

A long-term networking and exchange programme between artists and cultural operators from the Nordic Region and the African continent, wishing to influence cultural representation on world art scenes.


Finland (A), Taiwan, Portugal
Humberto Duque

A collaborative project sparking interactions with independent shops at risk of gentrification by revitalizing the shops’ visual identities and enabling them to thrive.


USA & Denmark (A), South Africa
Daniel Oxenhandler & Kristian Moltke Martiny

The SENSORIUM project brings together arts, technology, and community-driven co-creation to generate new possibilities for developing creative and authentic expressions of voice, in all its forms – physical, social, cultural, and democratic.

Reparative Encounters

Denmark (A), Greenland, Ghana, Virgins Islands
Katrine Dirckinck-Holmfeld & Daniela Agostinho

A project aiming to establish a transcontinental network for knowledge sharing between artists and cultural agents from the USVI, Ghana, Greenland and the Nordic region, instigating new North-South and South-South knowledge infrastructures

The Wedding

Denmark (A), Libanon
Mie Kanø, Sophie Barclay Hatem

A play and a border-breaking project between two different theatres, cities and societies.

Seeds for Solidarity

Finland + Sapmi (A), Latin America, Taiwan, New Zealand
Anna-Kaisa Koski & Ki Nurmenniemi

‘Seeds for Solidarity’ sows seeds for global climate justice through supporting creative collaborations around sustainability that challenge Westernized ways of knowing and doing.

Ghost Agency

Mexico, USA, Denmark (A) and Norway.
Gro Sarauw, Anni Garza Lau

With Mexico as its case, this project explores innovative artistic methods to develop technological tools in favour of women exposed to social constraints and systemic violence.