About the process

The research behind this website is based on the inputof the Globus 2023 Cohort, consisting of 14 transnational projects. The research was conducted between February 2023 and September 2023. The research was facilitated by the Foresight unit at Manyone, a global strategy-design consultancy. Using a self-documentation methodology, each participating project was asked to use scan cards (diary entries) to document their experiences of working in a transnational art sphere. The diary format facilitates the input of first-hand insight into the artists’ experience. These insights are collected in a central digital hub, the Manyone Horizon platform, which is a tailored collaborative software for sharing and storing research.

In addition to the sharing of scan cards, knowledge-sharing sessions were held in which project participants could share and discuss experiences and synergies from within their projects. To delve deeper into recurring topics, semi-structured interviews were conducted with five selected projects. To enhance the research with a variety of funding perspectives, interviews were conducted with two experts in funding and cultural policy from Zimbabwe and Mexico.

By making sense of data from scan cards, knowledge-sharing sessions, and interviews, the analysis was shaped to provide a profound understanding of the experiences, including the challenges and needs within transnational art practices.

Project Timeline